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8/11/14: Andrew Shaw doing the Ice Bucket Challenge [X]

Watch the world premiere of Dan + Shay’s new video for #ShowYouOff!


important ;)

Lullabies by ALL TIME LOW | requested by infinitecre4tivity 

that moment when I met dan and shay.



the best of hot occupations, side by side.

men are incredible 


30 day NHL Challenge

Day 12: Favorite bromance on and off the ice

Patrick Sharp and Jonathan Toews

I love them both, I love them both a lot. I love how much Sharpy teases (read: flirts) with Tazer and how annoyed Tazer gets. And let’s not forget the time they gave Sharpy a camera and he kept it on Tazer for most of the trip. They’re hilarious together, usually at Tazer’s expense, but that makes it all the better. 


That’s my Shawzy!


That’s my Shawzy!